Second shooter, why do you need one?

The search has began. Trying to find the perfect photographer for your special day. While checking out a bunch of packages online at all hours of the day & night, you stumble across the term ‘second shooter’ all the time.. and with an extra fee attached to it. You wonder what this is, and why you need one? 

A second shooter is exactly as it sounds, a second photographer on your special day. 

One of Haynello’s key assets is the very fact that we have two photographers on board - Nath and Liv. We do not mimic each other, but rather we compliment one another. 

The benefits of having a second shooter are described below:


An amazing part of having two photographer’s is the different perspectives that can be captured so beautifully. A ceremony has a lot going on, and all at once! From the groom’s tears (yes, grown men can cry), to the ecstatic parent’s faces, it is truly amazing to have two camera's shooting all this emotion at once. For example, having two points of view when the bride is walking down the aisle is very important to us. While one of us is focused on the groom and family, the other is focused on the bride. That’s just one example! Two photographers are beneficial all day. 


Photographers might market themselves as ‘efficient’ and ‘nimble’, but the fact remains that they cannot physically be in two places at once. As good as a photographer might be, we bet they haven’t worked out how to photograph both the bride and the groom getting ready.. at the same time! By having two photographers, we can literally be in two places at once! While one of us is photographing the bride getting her final touches of makeup on, the other is capturing the groom putting on his tie, or having some whisky with the boys. Getting ready photos are some of our absolute favourite parts of a complete wedding collection and being a duo means we have more time to focus on and capture these moments to the full!


There are so many different aspects to an entire wedding day where a second shooter is handy. For example, while one of us is taking portraits, the other can be capturing everything else going on in the background! There are countless moments worth capturing that often go unnoticed. Two photographers means more time to beautifully capture all those reception details that you spent countless hours organising.


Fortunately a disaster has not happened to us yet, but what if something was to happen to your photographer on the day of the wedding? What would you do? Things do happen and unfortunately for one reason or another, a photographer may need to cancel. As a duo, it really is a safety net too. A backup plan for the unexpected. We have our own cars, our own cameras/gear etc. and one of us can capture a whole day if necessary. This is the type of comfort that every bride and groom need!


With us, it’s the two perspectives, two brains, two sets of eyes and two sets of hands that really help! As a duo, we can just really support each other at all times. This makes the day so much easier and efficient for everyone.

No doubt having two photographers adds incredible value to weddings and all these benefits flow to you. We are here to make your wedding day as easy and stress-free as possible.

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