Let’s talk about the beauty of getting ready photos. Your wedding day is unique, it’s incredible and it deserves to be photographed from start to finish. The moments prior to saying “I do” are worth capturing – as they mark the beginning of your wedding day story. Your story begins with the details you’ve chosen to showcase, the precious moments you share with your closest people and the sweet overwhelming emotions of marrying your best friend.

How do Nathan and myself capture your getting ready photos? Well we are the photo duo, so there being two of us sure does come in handy. Nathan will photograph the groom and myself will photograph the bride – talk about time efficient!

We will often arrive an hour or so before you put on your wedding attire, so we can snap some images of the gown/suit hanging, other details, the final touches of make-up and you with your bridal party popping some champagne and of course you and your bridal party in your stunning wedding outfits.

Getting ready photos gives us a chance to get some detail images that otherwise may go unnoticed. Examples of details could include: rings, shoes, wedding outfits, flowers, socks etc. and really anything that adds to the uniqueness of your big day. Details such as these are worth remembering – as you have spent countless hours selecting these during your wedding planning.

Getting ready photos are a collection of meaningful moments between you, your bridal party, and your family! Some of the best candid moments are a result of your getting ready photos. This is a time where you are truly glowing and it really shows! Everyone around you is extremely happy, incredibly excited and the energy is contagious! We want to document such important emotions for you and create images that will contain forever memories. The goal is to create images that will evoke memories of how you felt at that given point in time. Hence why all of these moments are so important and deserve to be included in your wedding story.

If you chose not to do an engagement session with us and you feel as if you might be a bit nervous in front of the camera on your big day –getting ready photos are a perfect way to ease you into the day and get you feeling comfortable in front of the camera.

Another important aspect is that these images give the bride and groom a chance to see one anothers wedding morning. They get to see what the others morning consisted of, including the laughter and the happy tears. We love that getting ready images allow you both to relive your wedding memories.

Getting ready images are also ideal when the time comes to design the wedding album. Album stories are best told when they have a beginning, middle and ending!

Getting ready photos are the beginning to your day and will definitely complete your wedding story.

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