#1 - It is okay to be nervous

There are very few people who have experience in front of a professional camera and for the majority of us who don't, the thought of posing in front of a camera can cause some anxious feels. When Nath was a kid, he would run and hide instead of getting family portraits done. But against his will, he would always end up getting the photos taken. Looking back now, he loves the photos. Obviously it's not human nature to get professionally photographed but honestly, you won't regret it if you do!

It's totally normal to not feel completely comfortable for the first few minutes or so during your photo shoot. No need to stress, as it’s our job to make you comfortable and we know that you’ll be having fun almost straight away. This always happens. Every single time. Try it and find out.

#2 - There is a high chance we will ask you to run, jump, cuddle, dance & OTHER WILD THINGS

We can’t add much to this point, more just an FYI.

#3 - Act natural

We want to capture a moment in time with a raw feeling attached to it. When you look back on your photos, we want you to remember how you felt in that specific moment..that's when we have done our job! 

Haynello will always encourage you to show what makes you two special. The passion, the sass, the laughter..whatever it is that lights the spark between you two and makes you unique. We would love it if you can ignore us as much as possible and turn your attention to your partner. Truly focus on the reasons you want to be with them, and those special feelings will end up radiating through in the photos!

#4 - Be prepared to do some walking! 

We don’t mind if you want to bring a pair of shoes just for walking purposes, because we’ll always try and get to the best and most unique spots possible. Unfortunately, the best spots are never super easy to get to, but hey, that’s why they are the best spots!

#5 - Make sure you have fun 

We know you will have fun with us! This is a dedicated time that you can enjoy and be as loved up as you want. Just think of it this way, your photo shoot will be a time that you’re hanging out with your favourite person in a super cool location! Now that sounds pretty good to us!

#6 - Have an open mind 

You might question a decision we make on the day - but photographers see everything differently. Things like mood, lighting, backgrounds and texture are always noticed by us. So try keep that in mind. We know you will love the end result.

#7 - Make a day for it 

Think of your session as a date and make it special. Why not spend some time together before your photo shoot to hang out together. This way you will show up to the shoot relaxed, loved up and ready to shine.

#8 - Don't overthink your outfits

Outfits are great to think about, but not to the extent you might think. Dress in outfits that reflect yourselves. If you don’t feel comfortable in your outfit, you might have a hard time relaxing. If you have two outfits, then we suggest keeping one on the dressy side and the other on the casual side. But obviously you can wear whatever you like for both outfits! Plus LOVE is the best thing you can wear. Honestly, you don’t need to worry about being photogenic or any of that rubbish. You just need to be crazy in love, and it will look good. It always does.