What to wear to your couples session?

So, it’s time for you to piece together that picture perfect outfit – but you find yourself stuck for ideas and in need of some inspo asap. That’s where we come in. We’re here to tell you not to stress. Instead, grab yourself a warm cup of peppermint tea and read over our top outfit tips - highly likely you’ll be a fashionista in no time.

We find so many of our couples ask for outfit advice and we love it when they do, simply because we can work with them and make their photo shoot dreams a reality. We decided to pop together this blog to talk about our outfit tips in more detail and share them with you. 

Okay let’s get into it! First thing to consider is where these photos are going to appear. Do you plan to use them as your save the date cards, or have them on display at your engagement party, wedding reception or in your home, or are they for your eyes only?

Now that you’ve decided how you’re going to use your photos, we trust that you’ve come to a conclusion about how important planning the perfect outfit is to you. And if you’ve made it this far into the blog, we take it outfit planning is essential – woo! means you’ll love our tips below!

Tip number one – Choose outfits that genuinely reflect you both as a couple.

It’s 110 per cent true that if you feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera, it will translate in your photos. How do you make sure you feel this way? By being yourselves! Picking clothes you love and that make you feel like you’re ready to work it in front of the camera.

Tip number two – Choose outfits that complement each other.

If you want to fully match outfits, then fully match away friends. Every couple is unique and if that’s what you do normally – then go for it. Expresssss yourself! But matching outfits doesn’t just mean wearing the same exact thing, you can also match in ways like wearing similar colours and going for a similar vibe. Here’s a scenario for you to ponder:

You’ve chosen a relaxed vibe, with the beach as your photo backdrop and the weather will be warm but also slightly breezy (sea wind be like that). Think about a beach colour palette – neutral, warm, pastel. Do you want to be natural against the backdrop or make a statement? You could keep it neutral eg. beige, white or pastel colours. You could also keep it neutral but add a slight pop of a more bold colour.

Tip number three – Accessorise.

Add a pop of colour, add some jewellery, a hat and whatever else you can think of that can add that extra pizazz you’re after. Going back to our beach scenario and focusing on the sea breeze aspect – you may want to bring a warm neutral blanket or any other cosy props. These accessories/props are nice and easy to put on or take off, so they can be used to create a variety of looks.

Tip number four – Focus on one outfit, but if you have multiple, we’re not fussed.

Ideally you will perfect one outfit and rock it out for the duration of the photo shoot. However, we know sometimes it’s hard to decide between outfits and you want to try them both. Fine by us! We like to maximise time during our session with you, so keep in mind changing outfits does take time out of this. At the end of the day, we want to focus on your connection with one another and showcase your personalities and if this is shown best by different outfits then that’s cool. We want you to wear what makes you feel most confident!

Tip number five – Consider it throwback Thursday.

Browse through photos you already have together and see what worked and what you liked the best and ask yourself if you want to recreate similar styles/poses or try something new.  

Tip number six – Consider the season.

Take advantage of the season you're in by styling a look that's in tune with the weather and location. Winter clothes can look super cute and cosy. If it’s summer, kick off the shoes and go barefoot and have fun in the sun.